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The Return of Credibility

The Return of Credibility by Joe T. Ator

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Author: Joe T. Ator
Book title: The Return of Credibility
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Rating: 4.4 / 5
ISBN: 0533124255
ISBN13: 978-0533124251
Pages: 105
Publisher: Vantage Pr; 1st edition (December 1, 1998)
Language: English
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Although many consider an adversarial relationship between religion and science to be a natural one, Joe T. Ator questions whether such a view can hold up under heavy scrutiny, which he now undertakes in his book, The Return of Credibility. More than forty centuries have passed since the Book of Genesis was written, he states. "In the last few hundred years, mankind began to 'read' God's other book-His created universe." The author reads deeply into both books, finding the Bible's message is compatible with current scientific knowledge and finding in the history of science much unpublicized belief in the Bible's message. In this light, there is no doubt that this is a book heralding the return of the Bible's credibility. Physicist JOE T. ATOR holds patents on specialized optical devices and has spent most of his professional career managing aerospace projects in California. He has taught astronomy at two California universities and published over a dozen professional papers. A longtime member of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, this retired husband and father currently resides in California.

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