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Introduction to anthropology

Introduction to anthropology by Joseph B. Aceves

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Author: Joseph B. Aceves
Book title: Introduction to anthropology
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Rating: 4.2 / 5
ISBN: 0382180534
ISBN13: 978-0382180538
Pages: 560
Publisher: General Learning Press (1979)
Language: English
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Anthropology, perhaps more than any other discipline, illuminates the human experience. Anthropologists introduce us to societies in every quarter of the globe; tell us about the lifestyles, customs, and world views of social groups other than our own; and thus enable us to test our theories of humanity as well as our preconceptions of other people. It is the purpose of this book to introduce the student to this cross-cultural approach to the study of human values and behavior. The text also presents the story of human evolution. It describes how members of the human family, and their forebears, developed physically as they adapted to a wide variety of environments. It also describes our cultural evolution from the earliest cultures represented by crude stone tools to those that gave birth to the first cities. Students who look carefully at the cultures presented here will begin to discover not only the universals but also the varieties of human experience. They will realize that every culture chooses from among different alternatives and makes different adaptations to resolve such questions as "How will we maintain orders?" or "How will we deal with our natural resources?" Human values and behavior are part of an ongoing process, a process that probably began in Africa millions of years ago -when the first members of the human family appeared-and continues in modern complex societies.

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